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A Short Intro.

Richard Grainger is a ‘Tees-side & Yorkshire’ born Singer & Guitarist living on the North - East Coast of England.

His extensive repertoire addresses much of folk-life from the Yorkshire Coast and Moors to industrial Teesside and beyond, both past and present. There are songs with an industrial and maritime theme, songs of the environment and much more.

His northern ‘roots’ show clearly in his writing and in the choice of traditional material he performs.

He is a long standing, respected songwriter, guitarist and has been called ‘a remarkable interpreter’ of traditional songs.

Richard has an extensive catalogue of albums, his latest ‘Hard Road To Prospect Hill’ made the FRUK ‘Best Albums of the Year’.

He can be heard accompanied by accordion ‘guru’ Chris Parkinson or more often as a solo performer.








2019_03_04_Richard_Grainger_at_The_Bridge_-_Steelmen_Written_by_Ron Angel_.mp4

On Tour

  • March 7, 2020
    Hotel Victoria, Whitby, N.Yorks

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