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Folk At The Brewery


Today we've been at performing at our new venue Whitby Brewery. Its called 'Folk in the Brewery' and we intend to run this the first Sunday of each month starting January 6th. How do we get support? We'll be using that famous old method 'word of mouth', Facebook and other social media. We think our town need a guest booking club so have decided to commit ourselves to developing this as a regular venue.

Its striking, not because its a Brewery but from the front door you have a magnificent close up view of Whitby Abbey. This is an ancient place and an English Heritage site.  The Abbey however is not the original established by St Hild, but a Cistercian Abbey established 700 AD. Truly magnificent it stands and in these dark winter days is sort of gloomy but still an awe inspiring place. 

We are hoping that we get the audience. If you're in Whitby anytime don't forget to make it the first Sunday of the month and pay us a visit. It runs in the afternoon from 1 until 4.30pm. Theres food available too plus a fine selection of the Whitby Brewery Ale.

On Tour

  • March 7, 2020
    Hotel Victoria, Whitby, N.Yorks

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