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'Herbs On The Heart'    Fellside    FE038

Whitby Whaler, Death Of Nelson, Faithful Sailor Boy, Every Time, Isles Of Shetland, Days At An End, Princess & The Beggarman, Willie O'Reilly, Weaver & The Factory Maid, Teesside& Yorkshire.



1989      'Darklands'                 Klondike

Cat No

Give Me a Job, Last Light On The Row, Lowlands Of Holland, Grey Cock, Whalermans Lament, Chemical Workers Song, Barricades,Born Today, Evergreen, Farewell To Angus, The Old Pubs.



1990      'Home Routes'         Brewhouse      

Cat No.

Joined by Dick Miles . Tracks include Alimony Run, The Whitby Whaler, When Sheepshearings Done, Flying High,Farewell To The Monty and Buffalo Skinners.



1994      'Thunderwood'          Folksound

Cat No.

Silent Spring, The Mermaid, Mulgrave to Eskside, Ghost Of Old Solem, Foxhunting Song, Thunderwood, Old Whitby Town,Tunes: Golden Grove etc, Northern Town Bay, Grove Fisherman.Streets Of Kings Cross. RG Gtr & Vocal, Chris Parkinson Keyboard, Melodeon 



1999        'Town In Time'        Klondike


Cat No. KCD001


 Middlesbrough (The Klondike Song) , Linthorpe Reel/Middlehaven , Ballad Of James Readman ,  Trying Hard To Make Ends Meet -Come Along By - The Procession - Ring Of Iron - Cleveland Brew - Teesside & Yorkshire - Teesside Bridges - Day In Redcar - Chemical Workers Song - Steelmen - Last Light On The Row - Give Me a Job - Football Songs Medley -Mujhe Apni Sharan Mein / Middlesbrough Mela/Ayresome March - The Evening Gazette - Roll River Flow

RG - Gtr & Vocal, Ron Angel Vocal Harmonica,Kazoo, Whistles, The Wilson Family (Vocals) Klondike Band also includes Mick Shorttle, Helen Pitt, Steve Dawes, John Lawson, John, Joy and Olivia Rennie et al...


2002   Wings Of Angels  EP     Klondike

Cat No

Zetland - My Love Is On Board - Anchor Up - Pity the Poor Sailor - Eastscar Rocks

RG - Vocal & Gtr , Stormy Weather Boys -Vocal,Ron Angel- Whistle & Harmonica


2002        A Full Head Of Steam       Northern Sky

Cat No./Label

Celebrating 175 years since the birth of The Stockton & Darlington Railway Co.

Tracks from various artists including Jez Lowe, Bob Fox,Vin Garbutt and Richard Grainger's 'Diesel & Coal'


2002        A Northumbrian Anthology       MWM Records


Richard joins with Vin Garbutt, Sting, Johnny Handle, Robson Green, Billy Mitchell,Judy Dinning, Alan Price and Alex Glasgow in this collection of songs in celebration of Northumbrian History and Culture. Richards tracks include his own composition 'A Day In Redcar', and  two Graeme Miles songs 'Ring of Iron' and 'The Moulders Wedding'


2003       'On Stormy Seas'                   Klondike

Cat No./ Klondike

Scarborough Fishermen - Endeavour Shanty - Way Down South - Bold Princess Royal - Yellow Girls - George Vancouver - Saltpetre Shanty - Sunderland Press Gang - Haul Away Joe - Ghosts Of Heroes - Rueben Ranzo - Trawler Gaul - Haul on The Bowlin - Ship In Distress - Fire Down Below - British Sailor. 

Richard Grainger Vocal & Guitar   Endeavour Shantymen (Vocals)  Helen Pitt (Vocal)


2004      On Heather & Clarty Moor      Klondike




Lyke Wake Dirge - Ghost Of Old Solem - Darklands - Ironstone Miners Testimonial - Last Coble Fisherman - Mary Of The Dale - Foxhunting Song - Teesside & Yorkshire - Come Along By - Willy Went To Westerdale - T'auld Wife Of Coverdale - Lass O Dalogill


Richard on Vocal and Guitar, Moira Clarke - Melodeon, Ron Angel Vocal and Whistle/Flute ,  Tricia Lucas - Fiddle ,

Steve Dawes, Helen Pitt and John Rennie  - Vocal , Joy Rennie - Keyboard. Flossie Malavialle - Harmony Vocal on 'Mary Of The Dale'


2008    War Horse      Klondike


John The Miller - Land & Sea - Bold Trincomalee - Rocking The Cradle - Celebrated Working Man - Scarborough Fair - Like The Snow - Whaleboat Essex - Brigg Fair - Wild Goose - Haulin The Nets - Dark Eyes

 Richard- Vocal & Gtr.


2015    'Hard Road To Prospect Hill'

Girl On The Scarborough Shore - Bushes & Briars - Iron & Steel - Greenland Whale - Stepping Stones - Flower Of Norton Hill - Promised Land - Good Earth - Hesleden - Diesel & Coal - Change In The Weather - Death Of Nelson.

Richard - Vocal & Gtr, Chris Parkinson - Keyboard, Accordion & Vocal, Helen Pitt/Steve Dawes - Vocal, Helen Lancaster -Fiddle.

2017    'Ghosts Of Heroes'

Produced by Richard Grainger for Festival On The Moor's, Heritage Lottery Funded WW1 Project. Richards tracks include No Mans Land and Two Shepherds plus contributions from Helen Pitt, Ivan Hall,Iain McNicol,Karen Mason,Pippa Mesley, Jayden Brown & Austen Chilton, Kevin Young and Steve Dawes.Musicians of Whitby Music Centre conducted by Bob Butterfield,

On Tour

  • March 2, 2018
    Song Loft Folk Club, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

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