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Richard Grainger ,Sting, Johnny Handle,Benny Graham, Judy Dinning,Robson Green,Alan Price,Alex Glasgow,Billy Mitchell,Mike Elliot,Graeme Danby and more..


The Northumbria Anthology A Musical Celebration of Our History and Culture



Released 2002
Format CD
N of discs 20
Edition date 2002
Country UK




The Northumbria Anthology is building up a continuously expanding collection of songs and poems from the North East of England. The region covered stretches from North Yorkshire to the Scottish Border. 

Over a decade ago, we engaged Tyneside musician Johnny Handle (High Level Ranters) as a researcher for the Project, which was supported by a Heritage Lottery grant. He was asked to compile an extensive amount of vernacular material, mainly from the 19th and early 20th Centuries. From his initial base of over 3000 titles collected, we’ve recorded almost 500 songs in a variety of musical styles. These range from the orchestral arrangements of David Haslam (Northern Sinfonia) to music hall, folk and rock.   

The Northumbria Anthology is a ‘Not For Profit’ Company that, as well as releasing a number of artist led albums, in 2001 issued a 20 CD boxed set featuring almost 300 songs spanning over 300 years; the most comprehensive collection of North East songs ever recorded. 

Currently, we are working with Geoff Wonfor (The Tube, The Beatles Anthology) and Ray Laidlaw (Lindisfarne, Jack the Lad) to produce a series of DVDs. 

Artist who have contributed so far including musicians:Richard Grainger,Bryan Ferry, Mark Knopfler, Brian Johnson, Sting, Jimmy Nail, Dave Stewart, Lindisfarne, Bob Fox, Benny Graham, Billy Mitchell, Sir Thomas Allen, Graeme Danby and Claire Rutter alongside actors Tim Healy, Alun Armstrong, Kevin Whately, Denise Welch, Jill Halfpenny and Angie Lonsdale. 

Check it out  at www.northumbriaanothology.com