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Hard Road to Prospect Hill

by Richard Grainger

Released 2015
Klondike Uk
Released 2015
Klondike Uk
Transcending and re-affirming the traditional sound of folk music, Richards latest songs are evocative and echo the life experiences of many working class folk past and present.
'The man and his guitar' FRoots

' leaves you with a greater appreciation of the land and environment we live in" Robert Klein.

Richard Grainger is a proud son of Teesside and native of North Yorkshire. After three decades he remains in the vanguard of songwriting and folk music. He is an expert unaccompanied ballad singer, a fine guitarist and in his writing he shows a depth of experience seldom found in the genre.
True to his working class roots he writes about all aspects of life in the towns and countryside of his beloved North Yorkshire, industrial Teesside and the world at large.
The composer of a large collection of songs ,he was born in Middlesbrough,once an industrial giant of North East England, and raised to the sounds of early skiffle and blues until discovering traditional music. ‘It was the industrial and sea ballads that really turned me on’ He states ‘The sound of real people singing in a language that was my own, that I could easily relate to, in my landscape of steelworks,dock cranes and ships.
Apart from his song writing skills he is a gifted interpreter of traditional song. When not singing his own songs he’ll turn to ballads learned from the likes of Louis Killen or Cyril Tawney , George Spicer, Bert Lloyd or Ewan McColl .
His songs inhabit the present day, the recent and distant past. He'll transport you aboard an 18th century sailing ship, working in the steelworks or iron mines, baling hay, fishing the north sea or in a drama of a lifeboat rescue,and sings with passion of the every day lives of the working man.

'Iron & Steel' - 'such a beautifully crafted and poignant song of working class history' T.E.

'Richard is more than purely entertaining, he leaves you with a greater appreciation of the land and environment we live in'.

On Tour

  • March 7, 2020
    Hotel Victoria, Whitby, N.Yorks

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