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The new compilation album was released November 1st 2020. Go to STORE and scroll down to 'Blood of the Land'. The Collection Vol 1.is a 15 track album featuring recordings from many of my albums, on the Klondike label, recorded between 1989 and 2014. Order it now !

And hot off the press - we have a new stock of the CD 'Eye of the Wind', repackaged in an environmentally friendly Digipak. You can order it here at the STORE. Recorded for the BBC in 2003 it includes narrative from Sir David Attenborough and a cast of singers and musicians including The Endeavour Shantymen and Richard Grainger, who incidentally also plays the part of the good Captain.

Touring is on the cards again ( see the On Tour - section) while I am also occupied with a few projects that  I hope to announce details about soon.

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