2014  -  'Ghosts Of Heroes'


Richard was lead artist on the Festival On The Moor - two year Heritage Lottery Funded project , which engaged young people of Eskdale School & Caedmon College, Whitby and local musicians , in the creation of two performances on the theme of World War 1 in the Whitby area.

The project was in three parts

1) The Rohilla Disaster - Whitby 1914 2) The Bombardment of Whitby and 3) Ghosts Of Heroes - Life in Whitby and the front 1914-18.

This finally resulted in the creation of two main productions, and subsequent CD's titled  'Stormbound' and 'Ghosts Of Heroes'.




A short project with the pupils of Danby C of E School, North Yorkshire. Several visits to Cleveland Ironstone Museum, preceded production of visual art and pupils also helped in composing a song titled 'Northern Drift' which tells of the life of a miner employed at the Loftus Ironstone Mine, East Cleveland. Richards Great Grandfather Jos. Grainger , of Commondale was described in a past census' as an 'Ironstone Worker and Cowkeeper'' so Richard without doubt feels a connection to the subject.




Town In Time



Our Town Project and 'Day At The Dome'



Skinningrove Song Book Project